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The 2002 U.S. drought resulted in $10.0 billion in damages . . . . . . Drought can last for several years, and devastate agriculture . . . . . . The 1998 U.S. drought resulted in over $40 billion in damages, more than Hurricane Andrew or the San Francisco earthquake . . . . . . The 1984-1985 drought in the Horn of Africa caused a famine which killed 750,000 people . . . . . . The last time the U.S. went without a drought was 1979 . . . . . . Without action, by the year 2050, about half of the world's population will face severe water shortages . . . . . . Over 1 billion people live without clean drinking water . . . . . . The world's population tripled in the 20th century, and is expected to increase by another 40-50 percent in the next 50 years . . . . . . The need for renewable water sources has grown six-fold . . . . . . There is the same amount of freshwater in the world today as there was 1 million years ago . . . . . . Experts predict groundwater supplies in some areas of India will be gone in 5 to 10 years . . . . . . Scarcity of water supplies will likely trigger global conflict . . . . . . "We're going to see a move to surround and commodify the world's fresh water ... there's going to be a grab." -- Maude Barlow . . . . . . "If people remain thirsty for water, then we shall doubtless face war." -- Meir Ben Meir . . . . . . "It's not a question of 'if' there's a shortage anymore, it's 'when.' " -- Sid Wilson . . . . . . Less than 2 percent of Earth's water is potable . . . . . . To grow a bag of potatoes requires 100 liters of water ... to grow 1 kg of beef requires 13,000 liters of water . . . . . . Global water consumption doubles every 20 years, twice the rate of the growth of Earth’s population . . . . . . If current rate of water usage continues, over 90 percent of all available freshwater will be in use by 2030 . . . . . . “One of the biggest likely areas of future conflict is going to be over water.” -- Retired U.S. General Charles F. Wald . . . . . .
NEW SEA Panel solar hot water heater

SEA Panel Sunflow-R

You want to be prepared for emergency, you want to save money on your utility bills. Weighing in at less than 5 lbs, the Sunflow-R is the perfect companion for emergencies and camping and might well become your daily, go-to hot water heater.

Why pay the power company or gas company to heat water for cleaning and showers when the sun will do it for free? The Sunflow-R may well pay for itself with normal use, and will provide you with the ultimate in safety and luxury during an emergency: clean, hot water. When the power goes out, you'll have plenty of hot water for showers and cleaning. When a disaster leaves you with contaminated water, you'll have up to 18-gallons of fresh emergency water contained in the Sunflow-R.

Unlike conventional direct to pipe water storage systems, the water in the Sunflow-R will not drain back to empty city water lines. In hot weather, the Sunflow-R will heat bacteriologically-contaminated water to above 120°F to disable most pathogens.

Setup is easy. Simply slide in poles and corners, place in a sunny spot on top of a roof, vehicle, porch or table and then connect the Sunflow-R to your garden hose. The Sunflow-R fills and regulates automatically. Run output line through window, next to pool for quick rinsing or at campsite for cleaning and showering. You'll have plenty of solar heated water that will stay nicely warm into the early evening and get very hot within hours of sunrise.

If you use up all the water in your Sunflow-R hot water heater, the automatic valve fills it for a fresh batch of solar heating, and the water is hot in an hour or two (depending on water height setting) due to the unique, patent-pending greenhouse design of the Sunflow-R.

The Sunflow-R comes with standard five feet of hot water tubing to dispense your hot water up to six feet away from your installed location. This is usually enough to go through a bathroom or kitchen window if your roof is directly above the window, or enough for a cabin or swimming pool. If you need a longer run, you can connect standard 3/8-inch tubing (with barb connector) to your unit, available at any hardware store. Or chose the EXTENDED option for an extra ten feet of tubing.

The Sunflow-R is made of UV-hardened, string-reinforced polyethylene with advanced infrared reflective coatings for peak efficiency. And it folds into its included carry bag in seconds so you can take it with you to your hunting cabin, your beach house, your camping site or even your world-travelling adventures. Like all SEA Panel units, the Sunflow-R is BPA-free.

Sunflow-R includes:

• Sunflow-R solar hot water heater
• Automatic level control with adjustable setting
• Connection tubing and valves
• Spray heads
• Carry bag
• Field setup instructions
• One-year warranty

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Choose the EXTENDED option at checkout ($12 extra) for increased collection tube length, and connector. Add additional 10-feet, for 15 feet total. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by SEA Desalination, Corp.


Assembles in seconds! No complicated maintenance!

Remove from bag

Insert poles

Attach corners

Place in elevated, sunny spot, top of a car, cabin roof, patio

Attach garden hose or fill at zipper

Adjust float valve

Dispense hot water at valve

Goes where you go!